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Cancellation Policies

We are so grateful for your presence in our community and engagement in community events! We also understand that things come up and plans change. To make the process easy and clear for all, here are our policies around cancelling membership, specialty workshops, and one-on-one sessions. Thank you for taking the time to review and understand the policies so you can make plans accordingly.

Membership Cancellation
  1. Per our membership terms and conditions, all member cancellation forms must be submitted within 7 days before your billing cycle ends through.

  2. To cancel your membership you must complete the cancellation form at www.myriadfit.com/cancellation; your cancellation is not considered complete until this form is completed.

  3. Any cancellation requested within 7 days of the billing date will be considered cancellation for the following month's billing date.

  4. We will not refund memberships cancelled within 7 days of your billing date; any refund requires written proof of cancellation intent.

Membership Holds
We allow members to place their accounts on hold for medical purposes only (i.e. immediate surgery, maternity, etc.) Since we do not require contracts for members we can make memberships inactive any time, at least 7 days before your next billing date. To make your membership inactive please let us know by completing the cancellation form.

When you are ready to restart your membership please let us know by emailing info@myriadfit.com and we can re-activate your membership. You will not be charged a re-initiation fee and will not need to complete Foundations to restart.

Aerial Classes

Due to limited class capacity and the popularity of our Aerial classes, pre-registered students must cancel their registration for class 24-hours ahead of class time (12:00P the day prior for Friday noon class, 6:30P the day prior for M/TH evening classes, and 10:30A the day prior to Saturday class). This helps to ensure that students registered on the waitlist have appropriate notice to arrange their schedules for class. Failure to cancel 24-hours ahead will result in a $10 cancellation fee. Exceptions for emergency situations may apply.

In the event that a student is moved from the waitlist to enrollment within 24-hours of the class, they will not be charged a fee for cancellations. When students are moved up from the waitlist day-of, we ask that they cancel as soon as they know they are not able to make it to class.

Workshops/Specialty Series Class
Card will be charged for any specialty class or workshop within 72 hours of enrollment. Full refunds will be offered if enrollment is cancelled up to 7 days ahead of the scheduled event. Due to class capacity requirements, refunds will not be offered if a student cancels within 7 days leading up to the scheduled event. Pre-registering for events not only guarantees the student’s enrollment in a workshop but allows Myriad to know if there is enough interest to proceed with the event. If required capacity is not met, Myriad has the right to cancel the special event 7 days ahead of the scheduled date, at which time full refunds would be issued to all enrolled students. Exceptions for emergency situations may apply.

Personal Training & Foundations
Client cancellation of a personal training session within 12 hours of the appointment will result in a charge of 50% of the cost of the service. Client cancellation of a Foundations session within 12 hours of the appointment will result in a $35 charge for the appointment. Exceptions for emergency situations may apply.