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Memberships + Drop Ins

The best way to learn about our fitness memberships is by booking a Free Consult, where we'll take a quick tour of our facilities and run through options for the program(s) that interest you most. Click Here to book an appointment with a Myriad team member!

Below are a few services available for purchase directly:


Bootcamp + Yoga: 10 Class Punch Card $140 • 10 visits • Group rates available

CrossFit: Drop In $25 • 1 visit • Looking for a CrossFit class while you're visiting from out of town? We'd love to meet you!

Bootcamp: Drop In $20 • 1 visit • Looking to drop in for a quick 45 minute workout? Bootcamp is meant to get your heart rate up and your ego down!

Yoga: Drop In $20 • 1 visit • Dropping in for class? Purchase a single visit!

Yoga: Foundations $189 • 2 visits • Looking to get a better understanding of what to expect from your new yoga membership? We'll pair you with an experienced teacher for two 60-minute sessions to show you around the studio, guide you through foundational postures and breathing practices, share an intro on the history of yoga, and get you ready to practice like a pro. After your sessions, you'll have the option to schedule an optional 30-minute Q&A session to go through anything else you want to discuss: goals, any outstanding questions, anything else you'd like to cover.

Non-Member InBody Scan $25 • 1 visit • Track your progress with more than just one (meaningless) number on a scale!

Yoga: 10-Class Punch Card $140 • 10 visits • Group rates available

MOVE: Drop In $14 • 1 visit • MOVE is a 45-minute class where you can expect to be moving for most of the class. Workouts are longer and full of bodyweight movements, cardio machines, and lightweight dumbbells or kettlebells.

MOVE: 10 Class Punch Card $100 • 10 visits • Group rates available

Yoga 20 Punch Pass $250 • 20 visits • This pass allows you access to yoga classes (excluding aerial and acro)

Aerial: 10 Punch Pass $200 • 10 visits • This punch pass gives you access to 10 Aerial classes.